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Statistics show that taxi drivers are seldom the cause of road traffic accidents but are more often on the receiving end of someone else's poor driving.

The difference between the two parties is that the cab driver needs his car on the road to keep earning his living, while the person who caused the accident, very often can carry on working while their vehicle is being repaired.

In order to claim compensation, also known as damages, in respect of a personal injury or an accident, it must have occurred due to the negligence or the breach of a statutory duty of another person or organisation. 


The following are some examples of the types of accident and injury claims that may give rise to compensation. It is your right to claim compensation if you have been injured or disadvantaged through no fault of your own.


Road Traffic Accident

You have been involved in a car accident as a driver, Passenger or Pedestrian. You may have been a driver or passenger in a car, van or lorry.   You may have been a passenger in a bus or simply a pedestrian.

Whatever the situation, anyone who is injured because of a car crash or road accident that was not their fault or involved another driver's negligence can make a road traffic accident claim. Even if the driver at fault was not insured, compensation can be claimed.


A common injury is whiplash, but also other kinds of physical trauma, with compensation often ranging from between £1,000 and £5,000. Tell us about the accident and we will assess your case and give you an indication whether your injuries are likely to attract a compensation payment.


Slips & Trips

Slips and trips refer to claims generated by accidents in public places. Trips or slips can occur at any time in many environments. If you trip or slip in the street or on another person’s property and it was not your fault then you may be able to claim compensation.


Examples are tripping over uneven paving stones, raised manhole covers or other defects in the pavement. On other premises, examples include defective flooring, poorly maintained access ways, ground or steps, or hazardous areas in shops or supermarkets.


Public bodies and landowners have a duty to maintain their land or property to a reasonable and safe standard. If you suffer an injury as a result of negligence, then a claim for compensation is only right and fair.



There is a huge variety of different cases for injuries and accidents. Each case is unique. It's 'simply' human error and can happen anywhere and to anyone.