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  • What injuries can I claim for?
    You are entitled by law to be compensated for any injury arising out of a non-fault accident you sustain which can include cuts, bruises and soft tissue injuries (whiplash).


  • Is there a time limit for submitting a claim for personal injury?
    There is a statutory limit of three years from the date of the accident and a claim can be submitted at any stage during this period.


  • How long will my personal injury claim take to settle?
    Straightforward cases should be resolved and settled within a twelve month period. However, it will largely depend on the nature of the injury involved.

  • Do I need to have reported my injuries to my GP or Hospital?
    If you have not been to visit your GP or hospital it should not prevent you from presenting a claim. However, it will greatly assist your claim if you have a written record of your injury either at your GP or hospital.


  • Can I be compensated for losses other than personal injury?
    You are entitled to recover any loss which you incur as a result of an accident including damaged clothing, expenses and loss of earnings.

  • Will I have to visit a solicitor's office?
    If you choose to accept our offer of assistance, you will not be asked to attend the office of your solicitor. Our friendly and efficient claims negotiators will be your point of contact, and if necessary, contact with your solicitor will be made by phone or through the post.

  • What is the procedure for submitting a claim?
    Simply complete the online claim form. Your information will be transferred to us immediately and one of our claims advisors will contact you to discuss your case in more detail. You may prefer to arrange for us to call you at a convenient time by requesting a call back.












    Claim Form


    If you've had an accident in a car, as a driver or a passenger, slipped or tripped whilst out and about, suffered an injury at work, or been involved in any other accident that has caused injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Finding out couldn't be easier. Simply fill in and submit the claim form below, or print it out and post in to us see postal address, or alternatively give us a call on 0121 688 1345 or request a call back.

    We will assess the information provided, and estimate the likelihood of your case being successful - completely free of charge and without obligation.

    When completing the form below you need to complete the fields marked with an asterisk (*) whilst all the other additional information you can provide will help us to assess your case more quickly.


    Personal Details
    First Name(s)*
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    Incident Details  
    Type of Accident*
    Date of Accident*
    Please give a brief description of your accident, including the location:*


    Extent of Injuries
    Please give a description of the injuries you sustained due to the accident:*


    Did you see your GP?
    Did you attend hospital?
    Other Relevant Information  
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    The information submitted on this form will be treated with strict confidentiality. It will not be used for any purpose other than assessing your claim for injury compensation.




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